Monday, June 29, 2020

Lily turns TWELVE!

Turning the big twelve during a Covid you get a little creative in ways to celebrate. We started the morning with the birthday girls breakfast choice- donuts. 
She opened her gifts from friends and family. Thank goodness for Amazon! She got her fitbit watch and a fuzzy sherpa hoodie, some crystals and a book on crystals. 
While Lily did her morning math class on zoom Gemma and I decorated the backyard for her little get together. Much to Lily's dismay her mean parents made her take an optional math boost class for three weeks this summer. Might as well get ahead for the next year if we are going to be stuck home all summer anyway.
We had decided on a small gathering with three friends in the backyard - social distance style- playing a murder mystery game called the "Wizards Dagger." It was a script set in West Logina where the character Wizard Jippity Umlot was killed and now they must solve his murder. 
Sabina, Scarlett, and Sophia were the guests of honor and each had a character and script. Everyone had a well spaced seat to enjoy the party. 
Cheers to the birthday girl, drinking from their potion bottles.
They all got in to the game and had fun playing their character. 
Alex played the important role of lunch provider as he went to in'n'out to get everyone lunch. 
After the murder was solved and Scarlett was found to be the murdered Lily opened her very thoughtful gifts. Sophia created a "locker" that she decorated since they did not get a chance to decorate her locker at school for her birthday. 

We had chocolate cupcakes with caramel frosting after gifts to finish off the party. 
After the two hour party ended there was time to play a little bit on the computers. 
We had Lily's choice of home made mac'n'cheese for dinner and another round of cupcakes with candles this time. Even though it wasn't your typical birthday it was just right for this birthday girl. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Fathers Day Weekend

Fathers day falls in the midst of June gloom every year but that didn't stop us from getting away to enjoy the beach in Carpinteria. In fact, it helped keep the crowds down since there is not much to do in quarantine but go to the beach. We headed up on Saturday morning and decided to walk Padaro beach so Winston could get some beach time too.
The old dog doesn't do long walks much anymore but the cool weather helped him keep up.
Some inventive kids built a huge driftwood fort on the beach. They did a great job we'd love to move in.
The pool at the condo is open for use so we signed up for a time slot and had it to ourselves. Too bad it has since been closed again with no plans to re-open so glad we got a chance.
We even allowed a sea creature to join us. 
On Saturday night we drove up to Goleta to enjoy a hard to find family fun event at the drive-in movie theater. It had been closed but was reopened due to demand with covid since all in-person movie theaters are closed. They were showing trolls 2 which was great because we hadn't seen it. 
We paid for our car full and claimed a spot parking backwards with the boot lid open so we could spread out in the back with all the seats down. I wouldn't say it was too comfortable but it sure was fun. We even stopped at the store for full size candy bars which is a rare treat.
Once it got dark enough and the lot was full the movie started. Each car had to park 6 feet apart and masks worn if you were out of your vehicle. 
The movie was not as good as the original trolls but it was a fun experience and the kids are begging to do it again.
We all slept in the next morning until about 8:30am which is late for this family! I had pre-ordered some Father's day treats from a fancy donut shop in Santa Barbara so we had to hit the road to pick them up. 
The shop may have lost our order but managed to find us a few before they ran out of flavors. They were delish and the wolves devoured them before a proper photo could be taken.  We made a picnic of it at the shore before heading back to Carp.
We squeezed on more walk to the beach before packing up to head back home. 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Finishing out the school year at HOME

Being stuck at home ALL THE TIME means getting creative and doing things you don't normally have time to do. Like make home made ice cream. What better way to use up some if our Easter Brownies? 
Spring weather is the best so lots of bike rides are happening. 
The windmill refurbish finished and it took its new home in the garden. Let's hope all the plants we dug out and replaced with new will fill in and survive the hot summer. 
Spring brings the most beautiful blooms from all my plants. This hibiscus is thriving this year and brings me so much joy!
New swimsuits and sprinkler attachment to the trampoline for some outdoor fun. 
New birthday parties are drive-by. We stopped by Scarlett's house on her birthday to drop a gift at her door and found her giant yard sign! Later that day we came back for her surprise drive-by party. 
The sewing activities continue. Goppy sent us a kids sewing pattern book so Gemma made a bedside book pocket to hold her nightly reading. We have been doing SO MUCH reading. Thank goodness we raided the library before they closed for Covid. 
Even though we are still doing schooling online from home there is still a lot of time to fill during the days. We have renewed excitement about our toys and brought out the entire playmobil collection for a grand set up. The Children's Hospital met the horse stables and they had their own pandemic. 
Lily chose a travel toiletry kit from the sewing book. It is made from a hand towel so you carry all your toiletries and have a fresh towel to use. 
As the weeks wear on we are coming up with new safe ways to visit with Goppy. We set up her patio tables to enjoy some take out dinner together. Lots of swimming parties since outdoors is safest. 
We needed some decor for our beautiful freshly planted flowers so we gathered all the rocks we found while digging and decided to paint them for decor. 
I think we have some good ones! We will certainly remember them for years to come from the spring of 2020. 
As distance learning continued we had a parade in front of MATES to have a chance to "see" your teachers and say hello. It was a bit emotional to see everyone lined up in front of the school spread apart. We drove Grampy's car because he has windows that actually roll down and a sunroof to pop our heads out of. 
Gemma's girl scout troop hosted a baking challenge. They got to pick any recipe and see if they could make it themselves at home. 
Gemma chose to make home made giant soft pretzels. Her German Grandmother should be proud!
They tasted amazing. She certainly Nailed it on her challenge. 
A big milestone celebration for third grade is learning your multiplication tables. At the end of the year they have a big ice cream party with all the ingredients you earned for learning. Gemma was so looking forward to this event. The teachers hosted an at-home zoom party one evening. 
Goppy got really tired of being stuck at home and not being allowed to get a hair cut and colored. In order to convince her not to sneak out and get her hair done I offered to do it myself. We did a box color and did my best with the scissors. 
Not bad for having no experience whatsoever! Considering she always cut all our hair growing up I think it was time to return the favor. 
Gemma really stretched herself to learn new things being SUPER BORED at home. She found some old balloons from her halloween costume years ago and watched you tube to learn balloon animals. We had about 20 wiener dog balloons all over the house before she quit. 
Things at my work continue to get more and more serious. At least they finally supplied us with the proper PPE to test our covid unknown patients. 
During a longer weekend break from my work schedule we decided to go to Carpinteria for the weekend and do work/school from there. 
It was gorgeous at the beach during sunset. The beaches are open but they blocked off a lot of the parking to discourage people from coming in large amounts. 
It wasn't warm at the beach but it sure was pretty!

The next morning we decided to hit the beach early to claim our spot. It was Sunday on Memorial weekend so we knew it would be busy. 
We had a couple hours of good fun before too many people started to squeeze their way in. 
By the time some group of 50 showed up trying to play soccer on the beach and the sheriffs on horseback showed up to break it up we decided to pack it in for the day. 
That afternoon we decided to take a bike ride out around the closed state campsite.
Bike rides are definitely the way to go!
Tuesday brings a school day. Back to the grind for everyone. 
After learning we went for one more ride to the beach. It was still surprisingly crowded. I guess everyone is "schooling" from the beach too. 
We finished up our long bike ride with a mobil order from Starbucks. Boy did that make two girls happy!
Last day of school drive by goodbye! Gemma got to say goodbye to her teachers at school! Such a sad ending to third grade!

Goppy celebrated her 75th birthday on May 13th and we had some surprise guests visit for the weekend. It was mothers day so it was an extra special day!