Sunday, June 21, 2020

Fathers Day Weekend

Fathers day falls in the midst of June gloom every year but that didn't stop us from getting away to enjoy the beach in Carpinteria. In fact, it helped keep the crowds down since there is not much to do in quarantine but go to the beach. We headed up on Saturday morning and decided to walk Padaro beach so Winston could get some beach time too.
The old dog doesn't do long walks much anymore but the cool weather helped him keep up.
Some inventive kids built a huge driftwood fort on the beach. They did a great job we'd love to move in.
The pool at the condo is open for use so we signed up for a time slot and had it to ourselves. Too bad it has since been closed again with no plans to re-open so glad we got a chance.
We even allowed a sea creature to join us. 
On Saturday night we drove up to Goleta to enjoy a hard to find family fun event at the drive-in movie theater. It had been closed but was reopened due to demand with covid since all in-person movie theaters are closed. They were showing trolls 2 which was great because we hadn't seen it. 
We paid for our car full and claimed a spot parking backwards with the boot lid open so we could spread out in the back with all the seats down. I wouldn't say it was too comfortable but it sure was fun. We even stopped at the store for full size candy bars which is a rare treat.
Once it got dark enough and the lot was full the movie started. Each car had to park 6 feet apart and masks worn if you were out of your vehicle. 
The movie was not as good as the original trolls but it was a fun experience and the kids are begging to do it again.
We all slept in the next morning until about 8:30am which is late for this family! I had pre-ordered some Father's day treats from a fancy donut shop in Santa Barbara so we had to hit the road to pick them up. 
The shop may have lost our order but managed to find us a few before they ran out of flavors. They were delish and the wolves devoured them before a proper photo could be taken.  We made a picnic of it at the shore before heading back to Carp.
We squeezed on more walk to the beach before packing up to head back home. 

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