Monday, June 29, 2020

Lily turns TWELVE!

Turning the big twelve during a Covid you get a little creative in ways to celebrate. We started the morning with the birthday girls breakfast choice- donuts. 
She opened her gifts from friends and family. Thank goodness for Amazon! She got her fitbit watch and a fuzzy sherpa hoodie, some crystals and a book on crystals. 
While Lily did her morning math class on zoom Gemma and I decorated the backyard for her little get together. Much to Lily's dismay her mean parents made her take an optional math boost class for three weeks this summer. Might as well get ahead for the next year if we are going to be stuck home all summer anyway.
We had decided on a small gathering with three friends in the backyard - social distance style- playing a murder mystery game called the "Wizards Dagger." It was a script set in West Logina where the character Wizard Jippity Umlot was killed and now they must solve his murder. 
Sabina, Scarlett, and Sophia were the guests of honor and each had a character and script. Everyone had a well spaced seat to enjoy the party. 
Cheers to the birthday girl, drinking from their potion bottles.
They all got in to the game and had fun playing their character. 
Alex played the important role of lunch provider as he went to in'n'out to get everyone lunch. 
After the murder was solved and Scarlett was found to be the murdered Lily opened her very thoughtful gifts. Sophia created a "locker" that she decorated since they did not get a chance to decorate her locker at school for her birthday. 

We had chocolate cupcakes with caramel frosting after gifts to finish off the party. 
After the two hour party ended there was time to play a little bit on the computers. 
We had Lily's choice of home made mac'n'cheese for dinner and another round of cupcakes with candles this time. Even though it wasn't your typical birthday it was just right for this birthday girl. 

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