Saturday, July 4, 2020

Fourth of July

July 4th did not look like our usual day of fun and family. No parades, no fireworks shows, even the beaches were closed. We stayed home just the four of us. We started the morning early to the skate park to try and get a turn when it wasn't crowded.
It was already hot by 9am so our skate time didn't last long. 
Back at home we relaxed and had our BBQ burger lunch early. Maybe we were excited to get to our dessert. "Merica blondies".
After the day started to cool off with the help of some sprinkler on the trampoline we turned on the camp fire for s'mores.  We did get a pretty good fireworks show from the back of our yard. Seems like everyone had bought fireworks to make their own show. 
It wasn't a typical rowdy Fourth but we made the most of it. Even Winsty tried to get it on the S'more fun. 

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