Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Lake Almanor- buy me a boat & that's a wrap

Up and ready to go! We spent enough time beside the lake to see the way to go was from a boat on the lake. We made a reservation to rent a pontoon boat for the afternoon from the dock up the road. 
 The boat was so much fun and the weather was great. Sunny and warm but not too hot out on the water. 
It wasn't crowded at all so it almost seemed like we had the lake to ourselves. 

After cruising around the lake for a while we had to stop to get in that water. Gemma held the flag for swimmers in the water. 
The inflatable slide was likely the highlight. Everyone had a turn down the slide. Well, Danny may have skipped the slide and just jumped off the deck. 
It was cold in the lake but felt refreshing. The water was pretty still and no wind. 

After plenty of swimming time we decided to explore around the lake again. Everyone got a turn to drive the boat. 
A few Titanic scenes were played out. 

After about four hours on the water and another round of swimming and water slide it was time to return the boat. Luckily we had  some fun planned for back at the cabin. 
We brought supplies to tie dye T-shirts.
It feels almost like summer camp here. We did see a girl scout troop camping up the road. They were tie dying shirts too but we didn't steal the idea. 
While the moms did crafts the Dad's stole away to a nearby brewery to buy some beers and matching hats. 
Then it was Hawaii night at the cabin. We made Luau food for dinner, pulled pork and all the fixings. 
The kids even tried to put on a hula talent show of sorts. We should be all ready for Hawaii by next summer. 
The next morning was our last full day at the lake. We checked to see how our tie dye shirts turned out. Not bad at all!
Danny was pleased.
They all turned out great and each one unique. 
One more day on the lake in the sun. Splashing and playing games in the water. 
I think a little too much sun and a bit of sunburn too. 
The moms know how to have some fun!
We had a great little summer get away and quite possibly could become lake life people after all. A little country music, a cooler of beer, and a boat is all we need. 
Our final morning saying goodbye before we all start the long drive home. 
Getting in one last hug before you are stuck back at your own house and no hugging friends! We sure miss the Brady family and are already making big plans for our summer trip to Hawaii 2021!

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