Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Back to School - Home Style

 Well, back to school looks a lot different this year. When school closed last March we had no idea we would be learning from home all the way into the next school year. Lily started 7th grade on August 19th from our family room. Lily has two class periods a day. Each period lasts 1hr 15min and then she has assignments to complete after class before they meet with that teacher again. It is not nearly the amount she would be learning in a normal school schedule but we are trying to roll with the punches and remember this will not last forever. 

Sisters unite in wearing their Better Together shirts from our trip with the Brady's this summer. 
It's all very exciting....on the first day anyway. Winston has still not gotten used to us all being home so much. On the days I work he hangs out in the office all day with Alex. On the days I'm home he trails me around the house. 
To celebrate the first day of school for Lily we went to Goppy's house for a swim. She always has a freezer stocked with ice creams since it's been a hot summer outdoors. 
The following week Gemma started back to 4th grade at MATES. She was so so excited to get in the same class with Liv and she has Mrs. Fiss as her teacher which we're all excited about. 
This school year they are required to wear their uniform shirts on zoom. They can wear what they want on the bottom since it is not seen on screen. It was an obvious choice to go with pajama shorts. 
The only bonus of schooling from home is pajama day every day. 
Gemma is doing her schooling from her room. Her schedule is zoom learning from 8am-1pm. She does have some of that time offline to work independently. Since Lily is learning from the family room and Alex is in the "office- former guest room" Gemma chose to learn in her room. 

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