Saturday, September 26, 2020

Gemma's Double Digit Birthday - 10!

Since we knew we weren't going to be able to celebrate Gemma's big 10 birthday the way she would have liked to we tried to make her birthday special this year in other ways. She has been asking to repaint her room for a long time now so we took the plunge. 
It has been yellow with blue trim since we moved in when she was just 1 year old. 
Now she wanted to paint it lavender (sugarplum to be exact) with a teal trim. She helped with the project of course. We did it the weekend before school started so she could have a fresh room for virtual learning. 
It may have been a lot of work but, I think everyone was pretty pleased with the way it turned out. Gemma of course is over the moon thrilled. 

For her birthday party we decided on outdoor movie nights since that is the best way to hang out with people in these covid days. We had a movie night with family at Goppy's house so she could celebrate with us.  Of course we started with some pool time since it is still hot out. 
Don't they all look so sweet and innocent. With giant water guns?

Once we had enough pool time we ordered Toppers pizza and had dinner. That was just to get is through to the main event, cake. Gemma chose an icebox cake in the shape of a "G". The best part was all the yummy toppings. 
Before digging in to cake she busted open all her gifts. She got so many exciting things on her wishlist. She is getting her ears pierced so she got a pair of G earrings and a case to keep all her earrings organized. 
She got a book series that she spent all summer borrowing from the library and loved. 
She got a fuzzy lined hot pink hoodie and some LED lights for her room. 
Finally we can all dig in to the cake. 

Happy campers with a slice of cake waiting for the main event. First up is a Frozen sing along. Then we watched Peter Pan.
Her actual birthday fell on a school day which is kind of fun because then your whole class knows and sings to you. 
A few more gifts to open before breakfast. 
She apparently gets to choose the menu for the whole day. We started with funfetti waffles topped with whipping cream of course. For lunch she wanted home made pesto pasta and dinner was in'n'out burgers. 
Then it's time to log on to school. Luckily she got a fancy new desk from Granny and Grampy so she can learn in style and comfort. She chose to trade in her class points to get to learn in PJ's on her birthday. She even got new slippers to keep her feet cozy. 
The day after her birthday she got to have her best friend Liv come over for an outdoor movie. They would have preferred a sleepover like old times but this was pretty good.  Liv gave her a hooded onesie that matches her own so they could be twins.  We wear masks when we are closer together then sit further apart for the movie. 
They played a game at the table while the movie preview was starting. Gemma chose The Wizard of Oz for her movie night. We had lots of candy and popcorn of course. Even though they would prefer a sleepover or a big party with lots of friends I think it was a big success. 
Gemma's birthday gift was getting her ears pierced. She has waited a long time for this. She wanted them pierced years ago but we had sort of set the age of 10 as  the goal. Lily got hers done at 10 so Gemma waited and waited. 
Due to Covid the jewelry stores and Claire's are not able to do piercings. This was going to make things a little difficult. Luckily one doctor at our office does ear piercing. We made our appointment and finally got to have it done.
Gemma was so brave, especially considering she was not at all fond of getting her flu shot the week before at her well check up. That was a big drama. The ear piercing she braved like a champ.
She chose little pink jewel flowers for her earrings. She has to wear these for a month and clean them twice a day. So far, so good. 
She also started  learning to play flute at her school on zoom. Starting in 4th grade you can learn to play an instrument. The music teacher instructs them once a week and so far she is doing well making sounds and trying to play different notes. 

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