Saturday, October 31, 2020

Fall Fun all Tricks some Treats

To kick off some fall fun we drove up to Solvang area to visit a little pumpkin patch. 
As usual it was super hot that day and even in shorts we were roasting. 
We had a good time picking out some little pumpkins and playing on the farm equipment. 
They have sunflower fields as well which made great photos but had lots of bees!
After our time in the heat we needed some nourishment so we grabbed some pastries and drinks from a little cafe in one of the cute nearby towns. 
Who wouldn't want a croissant the size of their face?
Our Halloween plans did not include the usual parties and trick or treating but we tried to make it a fun time none the less. 
Lily got to have her first in person meeting with her girl scout troop. They have been meeting on zoom on and off in the past 7 months but this was our first attempt in person. It went great! They wore costumes and masks and we sat in hula hoops spread 6 ft apart. 
Lily had to carve a pumpkin for her school wood shop class. Sharp knives in pumpkins require adult assistance. 
The day before Halloween at work they received a huge donation of Halloween costumes and we were able to pick some out for our kids if we liked. I found a witch costume in Gemma's size.

There was a black kitty costume for Lily. It was fun for them to get to dress up and we drove to the local sheriffs station for a drive-by trick or treat event they held. They passed treat bags into the car for the kids while everyone was masked up. 
We also spent the afternoon decorating outside for our Halloween movie night. 
There was no lack of candy even though we did not trick or treat.
Even Super Gonzo made an appearance. 

We had Liv over to enjoy outdoor movie night with us. She and Gemma have done coordinating costumes for several years now so this year they dressed as Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich. 
We watched one of our favorite Halloween movies "Hocus Pocus". Hopefully next year Halloween will include lots of friends and trick or treating but we had a good time this way too!

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