Monday, November 16, 2020

Return to School in Person!

The latest Covid numbers in our County had finally dropped enough for some schools to apply to reopen in person. Gemma's school is a charter school and they provided detail safety plans to the county education department in order to have students return in person. Some students have chosen to remain home learning virtually for the entire school year. Some students are choosing to return in the New Year. We made the decision for Gemma to return to in person learning when they opened on Oct 26th. They would be learning in class for 5 hours a day four days a week, with Wednesday being all virtual learning. 
She was SO excited to return to school, even if her best friend was not returning until January. The students have assigned drop off times to stagger the crowd. They take her temperature upon arrival at the gate. They wear masks at all times except eating lunch outdoors and distanced. She has 13 students currently in person in her class. Five more are set to return in January. We are nervous but hopeful and the school has worked so hard to follow all the guidelines. 
Once Gemma went back in person Lily was so lonely and sad at home without her. The middle school Lily is attending virtually is doing 2 class periods a day for 2.5 hours of learning a day. They were slated to go back to campus in person on Oct 16th. We had made the decision not to send her back to such a large school in person with so many students and not as strict guidelines for safety. On top of not having any of her friends in her classes it would mean doing four different drop off/pick up trips a day which is not easy while Alex is working from home. We had done a LOT of searching for a different school for her that was smaller and provided more hours of learning time. At the final hour I happened to find a local small Christian school that went through 8th grade and had one spot open for a 7th grade student. We went to tour the school within days and applied and got ready to join school Nov. 16th. She needed uniforms so we made a trip an hour away to the shop to get her set up. 
She has 13 total in her class, 6 boys and 7 girls. She was so excited to be back in class and make friends. The whole school has been so welcoming and she had a fantastic first week. We are just hoping they can keep Covid under control  and the students will get to continue in person. If they have to return to remote learning at least they are already savvy to that and she will get more hours of learning per day.


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