Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Fun with Friends

 We had some social distanced walks with friends this Fall before the stay home order was in effect. We met at a hiking path one day to see the Fall colors and collect acorns for a friend that makes a craft out of them. 

Our friend is a fantastic photographer and took come shots of the girls for us. 

It is so nice to see a few friends even if it has to be outdoors and with masks on.  
Of course California fall is really still hot and dry. 
Then later that day we needed more fresh air- does it count as fresh air of it's through a mask? We met at a park and the kids hiked up this huge hill. The view from the top was spectacular and Eva captured this great selfie. I know we have several older siblings in the pic but when did my kids become teenagers?
Now we're on stay home orders we aren't meeting up with friends so we really miss seeing them in person. It is not the same on facetime and even though school is in session Liv isn't back in school yet so Gemma misses her terribly. 

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