Thursday, December 31, 2020

Goodbye 2020!

I don't think any of us us sad to see 2020 go. Between politics and the pandemic we are ready to move on to better things in 2021! We spent the last days of the year in Carpinteria. We needed a change of scenery from home and time to relax before school resumes and facing the pandemic again.

All throughout Carp there are signs to remind everyone to mask up and stay safe. 
While we walk through town to the beach we all mask up. Even the beach in Carp can get crowded so we wear masks until we find an empty spot. Our walk on Padaro beach is deserted and we can play and breathe the fresh air. 

These two girls took ahold of my phone and did some glamour selfies. 

It was clear and beautiful. Even if a bit windy and needing sweatshirts. 

There was a big old tree that drifted on shore. 

One morning we headed to Santa Barbara to ride scooters on the path by the ocean. It was a bit crowded and it is not so fun wearing masks walking on the shore. We did one big loop but then headed back to the condo. Still playing board games and trying to fill the time indoors. Lots of Roblox playing. This year has definitely been the year of Roblox and electronics time. 
The next day we returned to Carp beach and walked a way to find a empty spot. Gemma did some yoga poses by the shore. 

Finally nailed some good sunset silhouettes.
We played some volleyball and some frisbee. 
The girls got drawing supplies from our Oregon fam and did some drawing. I didn't get any beautiful sketches of the setting sun from them though. 

I agree Gemma, peace out 2020!
The golden hour setting sun and the iphone on timer is the best family photo we can get.
So much for New Years resolutions to cut the sugar. We opted for one last breakfast treat from Santa Barbara Hook & Press Donut shop. Their holiday flavors were worth the splurge. 

We worked on a coloring puzzle project over winter break which was a gift to Lily from Scarlett. Who knew it would take so long to color all the pieces?

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