Sunday, April 4, 2021


Easter this year was a little return to normal. We could get together with family but still kept to outdoors. We woke up in the morning and searched for the baskets filled by the Easter bunny.

Some snacks, some sweets and a few toys. 
After breakfast we headed to Goppy's to have lunch with the family. We couldn't skip the egg hunt this year. 
There were even baskets in Goppy's yard for all the kids. 

We think we found all the eggs.
There were some jumbo eggs that had lottery scratchers inside!

Quite the loot. Some eggs had trinkets and some had candy. 

Goppy dug out her Easter tree with all the family members cross stitch egg. 
A little family photo time. 
This may be the first time we actually got dressed up in over a year. 

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