Saturday, April 10, 2021

Spring Break

Spring break looked a lot like it did last year, and like most of summer. Beach time galore!

We can't, ok we shouldn't, complain because we have these beautiful beaches within reach. We met friends at our favorite Oxnard beach for one day. 
Beach time is always more fun with friends. We also spent some time on scooters in Carpinteria. The camp site was allowed to be open so we cruised through there to check it out. 

Alex took a couple days off work to hang out with us. We went up to Solvang for a day and explored the Ostrich farm. Who knew this even existed?

It certainly was a little gimmicky but you pay an admission and buy food to feed the ostrich. It was an entertaining activity for about 45 minutes. 

They are a little creepy and can get aggressive so watch your fingers while you feed!

The next day we went up to Santa Barbara zoo and Scarlett and Julie came up to meet us. 
We've been to the zoo many times but it is always fun to see the animals. 
They had a super hero theme spring camp for little ones. 

Feeding the giraffe is always a highlight. It's fun to get an up close perspective on their size and see those black tongues.

The rest of the week was more beach time in Carpinteria. Somehow digging a huge hole is the favorite.

Once you have the hole, you hide in it. Where is Gemma?

It might not have been DisneyWorld or discovering a new exciting place but it was a good break from the grind of work and school. 


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