Monday, May 31, 2021

Memorial Weekend

Even though technically summer has not arrived, Memorial weekend always feels a bit like the kick off to summer. We went to our favorite beach condo for the long weekend and brought a friend!
Now that all the parents and all the older siblings are fully vaccinated we invited Liv to join us on our weekend away to sleepover and enjoy the beach with us. We surprised the girls and picked her up after school on Friday. They were shocked and thrilled. They even did a polar plunge each morning into the pool. It was cold at first but then they usually stayed to play with the resident crocodiles meant to scare off a duck family that tried to move in without paying rent. 
We started the weekend off with a day at the beach, digging holes, boogie boarding and picnic lunch. It wasn't super warm or sunny but that just meant it also wasn't super crowded.

Then on Sunday we ventured into Santa Barbara to scooter on the beach walk and take some goofy pictures by the hotels. 
The girls are all into Boba drinks right now so even though it was packed we managed to pop into State St. to grab an 805 Boba. It might be the best one they've had yet. 
The cool playground in Santa Barbara was way too over crowded so we made do with a game of 2 vs 2 soccer on the grass instead. 
Monday morning we wrapped up the weekend with a long walk on Padaro beach. We saw seals and dolphins and of course the beautiful homes. 

After a bit of a house cleaning session we packed it all up to head home and back to the real world once again. 


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