Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Lily turns 13!

Turning 13 is an exciting milestone! Finally an actual teenager, instead of the dreaded "tween-ager" which apparently is so annoying. Thanks to the vaccine being available Lily was able to have a fun little party with some semblance of normalcy. 
We started the birthday Tuesday with birthday girl breakfast and a few gifts. She chose cinnamon rolls for breakfast with a bit of bacon as well. 

The gifts from family and friends were a big hit. Lots of book and gift cards to Barnes & Nobles to buy more books. Lily is a voracious reader and says her favorite place is the library. 
A drawing book as well since drawing is another favorite past time. 

Candles in the breakfast is a great way to start the day. 

Her birthday party started off with taking a few close friends to the mall for a scavenger hunt and shopping. I made up some clues to lead them from store to store and they each got a little coin purse with $20 spending money. 
Her friends Sabina, Sophia, Scarlett and a friend from her new school Brooke as well as Gemma and her bestie Liv made up the mall party. 
They really enjoyed solving the clues and popping from store to store doing a little shopping. It was fun to see which girls were big shoppers and which were savers.
The candy shop Lolli and Pops was our last stop and a big hit. Almost everyone succumb to the temptation to buy some sweet treats. 
We ended the mall party at Menchi's frozen yogurt for a cool treat before we headed home. 
We made it home and Sophia and Scarlett joined us for dinner and a sleepover. It was the first sleepover for these girls since before Feb 2020 when Covid hit. They were so excited to have their vaccine pay off and get to be together. We had tacos for dinner, then opened her gifts from her friends which were all great. 
After dinner it was time for dessert. Lily chose a "pizzookie" with ice cream. A giant chocolate chip cookie fresh and warm from the oven sliced and topped with ice cream. The girls watched a movie- The Hunger Games- and then hit the hay for the night. 
Thirteen candles for our teenager! 

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