Saturday, June 5, 2021

Little Mermaid


Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr. By Alan Menken (580x674), Png Download

The big Spring chorus musical this year was "The Little Mermaid Jr." Mr LaGuardia was determined to put on the show even though Covid restrictions required it all to be virtual. He did weekly zoom chorus classes. For the actual show he recorded each student separately in front of a green screen.
Gemma auditioned for a Mermaid sister and ended up being cast as one or Usula's eels - Jetsam. It was such a fun role to play and had some great screen time. 
The costume was fantastic. Her make up was black lipstick and purple glitter eye shadow. She recorded all her singing parts and dance scenes in the music room with the green screen. 

She did get to record her non-singing lines in the MPR with the cast while they all distanced and wore clear plastic masks. 

Mr LaGuardia worked tirelessly to edit the whole show together, twice, because they had two casts.
Then the big show night was finally here. We all watched at home with an app that played the show he put together. 

It was not the same as getting to be on stage together but it was a great experience and one they will never forget. 


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