Thursday, June 17, 2021


We haven't been able to see so many friends and family in the past year and a half so we made plans early in the year to meet up with Kristen and her kids Charlotte and Elias at the beginning of summer for a get away. We chose Monterey and rented a little beach house for a long weekend. 
The kids all get along great and have so  much fun together. No matter how much time passes they always pick right up and start laughing and joking around. 
Monterey weather is classically cool although this was a warmer than usual weekend for them. One minute we were in shorts and hot the next minute we were grabbing coats. The house we rented was right across from the beach in Pacific Grove. It was lovely to watch the sea otters float in the kelp right from our front window. 
We spent our time exploring the rocky shore at sunset. 
We had also planned ahead to go to the famous aquarium. We bought passes and booked our reserved entrance time. Thank goodness they required masks in the aquarium since the mask mandate was lifted but it was packed inside even with the limited capacity restrictions. 
Gemma found herself. The eel she recently played in the Little Mermaid musical. 
The penguins were a big hit. We could watch them all day. 

We spent a couple hours exploring all the exhibits before it started getting too crowded and our group was ready for lunch. 

We said goodbye to the aquarium and left to explore more of Monterey.
There is a huge playground surrounded by a pond that we made our way over to explore after getting a bite to eat. After thoroughly racing around the playground the kids did an hour paddle boat rental. Glad to say nobody even ended up in the murky lake waters!

The long day ended back at the house with some chill time and a take out pizza. 


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