Saturday, June 19, 2021

More Monterey

 Our mornings always started out slow and easy all piled on the one sofa watching cartoons, playing switch or reading. 

No trip to Monterey would be complete without a trip to the legendary Pavels bakery. We've seen enough photos of the Pofahls with the giant donut to know we had to try one. It really was delicious.  

With our bellies full we packed up our gear and walked down to the beach at Lovers Point. 
Even though the water was super chilly it still felt good with the warm weather. 

It was packed to say the least. We lasted until I could not handle the crowd any longer. 
We hauled our gear back home and a quick change to go ride scooters down the paved path that leads to Monterey aquarium. The seals have their own private beach to sunbathe. It was just as packed as the human beach. 

Such a great day!
The next morning we decided to hit up another beach for a long walk before we divided our time at the aquarium and swimming.
This beach was much larger with long stretches of sand and big dunes. 

It was a beautiful walk.
Lily and I headed to our last aquarium time to catch a few things we missed or didn't have time for last time. We spent a long while hanging with the otters. 

They are entertaining enough to spend all day watching just them.
Lily wanted to have a change to touch the sting rays in the touch pool. 
When we had our aquarium fill we met the rest of the crew at the beach at lovers point.

Once again Gemma got buried in the sand. 
We all enjoyed watching the deer all weekend make their way through the streets of Pacific Grove as if the own the place. They even know to stop and watch for cars as they cross the street. Urban deer for sure. 
One last shot in our beach house before we reluctantly headed home. It was so good to get away and be with great friends again. 

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