Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Back to School

Gemma was the big trooper of the family this year. She rallied for her first day of school the morning after we arrived back from vacation. The timing was not ideal but we had to book our vacation over a year ago from our 2020 vacation that was cancelled due to covid. The last week of summer vacation was all we could get. 
After arriving home at midnight Gemma was up bright and early for day one of FIFTH GRADE! 
Her last year of elementary school at MATES. We are so glad they are back in person learning full time. The students all have to wear masks to reduce the spread of covid although they are allowed to work together in groups again and don't have to distance as long as they wear masks. 
Best Friends Forever Liv & Gemma reunite for their last year at MATES in Mrs Tuchman's class.
Lily got to sleep in because her school doesn't start for another week. She is back at Bethany Christian School for 8th grade, also her last year at this school as they don't offer High School.
She was excited to be back and see her friends. They are down to 9 students ~ 4 girls and 5 boys. They also wear masks in class but are able to work together and don't have to distance as much. 


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