Friday, August 13, 2021

Kauai- Arrival & North Shore

Our first vacation post covid and we were not going to take any chances! Flying to Hawaii is pretty strict with testing and vaccination so we were lucky to go there. After our 2020 vacation with the Brady family was cancelled this was our reschedule. Those who are vaccinated did not have to test so only our little Gemma had to take a Covid test before our flight. Luckily the cold she brought back from Mammoth was not covid and we were able to fly!

We tucked Gemma in the window seat where she watched movies and drank ginger-ale under her mask for 5 hours. We arrived safe and sound and very hungry for lunch. Stop one, tacos!

Our original trip plan was to spend a few nights on Oahu before Kauai but due to Covid travel hassles we decided to just stick to Kauai for the whole trip. We rented a condo on the North Shore in Princeville. On the way north we stopped to view the lighthouse. 

We arrived at the condo for our first three nights. It was Ocean view and the weather was perfect. Just breathing that fresh Hawaiian Ocean air was a treat. 

We tried to go adventuring to find the hidden beach accessible from our condo. It was a tiny dirt path through a mosquito jungle. We tried out the tree branch swing. Turns out in real life they're not that fun and hurt your hands.

We never made it to the secret beach. We got too eaten up by mosquitos and lost in the jungle. We turned back for dinner at the condo and early to bed.

Day Two

One good thing about the time change going to Hawaii is you wake up bright and early. The girls had a loft bedroom at the condo with twin beds and we had a downstairs bedroom off the living room. We had breakfast at the condo and packed a cooler lunch to head out to the beach for the day. We stopped off in Hanalei and could not help ourselves from stopping for fresh made donuts and HoleyGrail. 

They tasted as good as they look. The lilikoi was a favorite all around, we even had to go back and order one more. 
Our first stop was Haena Beach. The beach was vast golden sand with turquoise waters. It was not crowded at all because there is VERY limited parking and if you don't get there early you don't get a spot. We lucked out and got a spot at the beach lot. 
The waves roll in and out and crash right on the shore. Luckily the waves weren't too high so we were able to safely swim and get rolled onto the sand over and over. 
This became the hours long game body and boogie boarding in the waves. 

It looks like coming up to the North Shore was a great idea. 

There were many discussions of just leaving everything back home behind and staying on the island. 
We stayed until late afternoon and then followed the winding two lane road back to Princeville to our condo. We made it back in time for the afternoon showers which brought us a beautiful double rainbow!

Day Three

The next morning would be our last full day up North so we headed to a different beach hoping to do some snorkeling. We decided on Anini Beach and were greeted by plenty of turtles. 
Cousins had loaned us a full face snorkel mask they brought back from their vacation. We took turns using that and goggles. We saw lots of fish and turtles even if the water wasn't crystal clear. 

Turns out our phone in the water proof pouch did not do the snorkeling justice. 

Another day of gorgeous blue skies and crystal waters. 
It definitely showers more on the North shore but it didn't usually last too long and you got wet in the sea anyway so the rain didn't stop us. 
After a day in the sea and sun we needed refreshments. It was a toss up between shave ice and Boba. Since we had shave ice after lunch our first day we landed. the kids went with Boba. 

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