Thursday, August 19, 2021

Kauai - Friends Arrive & Snorkel Boat

Day 6
The real vacation began when our FRIENDS arrived!!!
We decided to go to the pool the next day we had so much fun. We were at the pool almost all day!
Then we took a break from the pool and went to play some games.
Later that day we went to the beach. There were really big waves that day.
We always love going to Poipu beach but this time it was really crowded.
But we still had fun!

This was our setup with the ninja tent.
So glad we had shade to bring with us at all the beaches. It is just too hot in the sun and that way we could sit away on our own and still have shade.

It was such a beautiful day!

Day 7

The next day was our snorkel trip, sadly out friends did not come. They decided that boat trips were not for them. We were a little worried it would be rough seas because there had been some high waves recently. Lucky for us it was perfect! 
The early bird catches the worm. The ride up to the north shore was beautiful with dolphins in the water. 
It was so cool on the way out we say dolphins!
When we got t the snorkeling point we hopped in the water and had some fun.

There was even a slide on the back of the boat.

There was also a jumping spot.
We had a lot of fun!

There were good drinks too. Lily chose this excursion as her birthday present from June so we were all glad it turned out to be such a fun day. 
We even got to go under a mini water fall it got us really wet though.
But it was so pretty.
In all we had tons of fun on the snorkel trip

When we got back we went to the pool and found our friends!


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