Sunday, August 15, 2021

Kauai- Hike and Heading to Poipu

Reader Note: Gemma guest author in Italics
After packing up the condo and leaving North shore we decided to do a hike before heading down to Poipu to check into our timeshare for the week. A co-worker suggested a family friendly hike near Kapa'a called Nounou mountain, or sleeping giant. 

this hike was called the sleeping giant it was long and hot but we had so much fun. The view was amazing. 
There was a fair amount of complaining and threatening to turn back. To be fair it was all switch backs straight up the mountainside, it was hot at mid day, we drank all our water quickly. We also got fooled into missing the main path and ended up on the tiny pig trail that headed into nowhere in the mountains and had to back track. 
The views on the way up were beautiful.
See he made it to the top!!

That was the chin of the giant dad went to the top but me and Lily were too tired so we went to a different viewing point.
Alex went on to the tippy top while we took in several viewing spots on our way up. 
This was the viewing point we went to it was a great view of the ocean. we were all hot and sweaty but I think it was great.

On the way back down it was less hot because of some shade but still like 85%. Luckily I had sun glasses.
I think that the photo with the trees looked so cool I love the way we were peeking out. finally I think were almost to the bottom.
This part was quite scary and it was a little sketchy but it was fun even though the rocks burned your hands because they were hot.

That's the tippy top of his chin that Alex hiked up to, and lived to tell the tale. 
Having survived the hike we were glad to have dinner reservations that night at Keoki's one of our favorite restaurants. They have outdoor dining so we could enjoy a lovely meal with plenty of space. 

Later that night we went to a great restaurant, it was so fancy and the food was so good even the drinks were fancy.

This is me drinking my passionfruit orange drink it even had a flower in it!
This is a picture of mom drinking het fancy drink it had such a cool tiki cup she almost wanted to buy it.
We were excited to finally get a chance to swim in our favorite pool at the resort. We could spend a whole vacation just relaxing here. We had a couple of hours to float before our exciting adventure on Zipline Koloa!
The next day we went to the pool the water was so warm I had so much fun in the floaty.
Later that day we went on our zip line trip it was and extrodanary experience there were eight lines and even some drinks for refreshment.

We've been coming to Kauai for many years but didn't often do many of the activities since the girls were little and it is very expensive. We decided this time we would splurge on some fun adventures. The girls have always wanted to go ziplining so this was our first fun activity. 
First to get to the lines we had to go on this bumpy car ride with other people I was so exited.
This was our first line, it was short but still fun. For some of them I had to ride with Mom or Dad.
That's Lily going, she was so excited just like me.
Once you get the hang of it you realize it is really fun and not scary. You have some control over your speed. Lily was heavy enough to ride alone. Gemma had to zip with a parent or her sister for some of the lines because she was too light. 
This one was our second one it was way longer but not as long as the last one.
This was a selfie of all of us together we were have the times of our lives!
Here is another photo of all of us together the view was so good and it was not even that hot. 
At the top of the old sugar plantation where they set up the zipline. We got to rest for a bit and have some POG juice to cool off. 

After that we went back to the hotel and went in the pool again it was so nice we had a great time.
Me and Lily always had fun playing games and even had Dad push us around in the floaty.

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