Friday, August 20, 2021

Kauai - Paddle Boarding and Beach Fun

Our friends are pros at stand up paddle boarding -SUP- we had never done it before (except Gemma while on vacation in SanDiego with Liv) but we agreed to give it a try. 
Have you ever seen a taller stack of boards?
We were so confident heading out.

We started off pretty well. We had rented boards for everyone and it was pretty easy to balance. It helped that on the way up the river the current was in our favor. This is the same river we did a kayak tour and waterfall hike with our friends the Justice family several years ago. 
Just as we were getting the hang of things we got stuck in a tropical downpour!! It was warm out but we literally got soaked. Good thing we were all in swim gear and had our phones in waterproof pouches. 
We hung out in a little cove for a bit after the rain and took a break. We knew the paddle back would be a lot harder fighting against the current so we didn't want to get too far.
We all managed to make it back down river to return the boards. It was tough going against the wind and Alex and I ended up towing our kids on their board for a good part of the way back. 
We definitely deserved a break at the beach after our morning. We parked up at a beach on the East shore that we have been to before. It is a good snorkel cove but it was a bit choppy from the winds. 
After a couple hours at the beach we headed back to the condo for some pool time. To be honest I think the kids could just have spent a week at this pool with friends and would have been happy. 
The best thing about the kids getting older is we can leave them back at the condo alone and go to dinner by ourselves! We had a great night at Brenneckes in Poipu. 

Day 9

We started most mornings off out at the shore looking for sea turtles in the waves. 
Then we progress to the pool for a couple hours. Is it really a vacation if you don't get smoothies and nachos from the pool bar?

Of course I'm always the one trying to drag everyone to the beach. I just love the waves and the salty air. 
I brought my new trusty beach shade that I got for Christmas. I was determined to have shade in Hawaii and found a packable solution. 
The kids ended up having a sand castle building contest. They all get along so well and Danny is the token little brother. 
You can't leave without a photo at the Poipu beach Kauai sign.

We've unanimously decided vacation is 100% better with friends. 

Day 10

We managed to go all week without heading out to Salt Pond beach so our last full day we packed a picnic and headed there. It is an awesome beach and not at all crowded. Poipu beach was very crowded this trip and while it was a great beach it is not so fun when it is packed. Salt Pond was perfect. 
You can roll around on the waves all day. It is a cove as well but still has a few waves, it has lifeguards and even some snorkeling. 
We couldn't not go back to the pool for one last happy hour!
The morning we left there was a giant rainbow from the parking lot. A little Aloha for the trip home. 
So sad to leave. No matter how long we stay it is really never long enough.

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