Saturday, July 24, 2021

Mammoth Trip

Hello everybody! This was our trip to Mammoth that our dad surprised us with. This was written by Gemma and Lily Davis, and the pictures were done by Alex Davis. Thank you for reading!

Day 1 - Drive To Mammoth

Today we woke up and me and Gemma did not know where we were going. We got on the road and Dad gave us clues to where we were going and I made us fun challenges to do.

As seen below, the road is very flat.

  We visited Alabama hills and took a short hike to a rock arch.

 In the Background, Mount Whitney is visible through the arch, making it a great spot for photos! Here is me and Gemma pretending to hold up the arch.

When we were driving to the arch, we saw this painted rock and had to get a picture with it.

When me and Gemma figured out we were going to Mammoth, we were so surprised and happy! Thank you Dad for this amazing trip. The first thing we did when we got to the lodge was go in the pool. It was actually pretty warm, and there were even two hot tubs!

Day 2 - Mammoth Mountain

Today we went to the adventure center to see what fun activities they had. We saw the gondola going up the mountain and wanted to go on it, though the gondola seemed to go very high up! So we got tickets and got into a cart and went up the mountain.

When we got to the top, we read a sign that told us we were eleven thousand and fifty three feet up in the air! We could see things for miles around. it was a bit cold on the mountain even though it was hot down below, so we put on our sweatshirts. We went inside the little station at the top and looked at some of the display cases which had some animal furs and facts about animals as well as little telescopes that showed you different mountains.

We went back to the station that was halfway up and hiked down from there, and by then it was pretty hot outside!

Adventure Course

    There were different activities to do at the adventure center and so me and Gemma went on the rope course which looked fun from the ground but was a bit scary when you are actually up there! Me and Gemma were able to complete it though. 

We also went on a bungee jump activity that used bungees to spring you up very high in the air. I did many front flips and back flips and it was super fun.

Me and Gemma got a pack of sand and we found crystals while sifting the dirt through the trough. There was even a little identification sheet that showed the different crystals you could find. Me and Gemma found Amethyst, Obsidian, and many more.

We also went on a rock wall and we tried to reach the top which was very high. Me and Gemma were so close to the top, but just couldn't reach it!

The last activity we went on was a short zip line, which seemed high up when you were on the platform all ready to go. It was very fun in the end even when the line was long since there was only one person allowed on at a time. We had a very fun day indeed!

Day 3 - Devils Postpile and Rainbow Falls

We had to wake up very early to get the bus to the Devils Postpile.  The bus ride was long and twisty but in the end we made it to the start of the hike.  It was quite hot outside but we kept going.  On the start of the hike we followed a river.

Soon we started climbing a hill to make it to the top of the Devil's Postpile.  Once we made it to the top we looked at all the rocks.  They were in the shape of hexagons, it was so cool.  After taking some good pictures we hiked to the bottom to look at the Piles from ground level.

In the picture below you can see me and Lily standing at the foot of Devil's Postpile rocks.  They are like rods coming out of the ground.

On our way back we decided to stop by a bridge to look at the river.  We only saw one dead fish, but no living fish.  We decided to go next to the river for a closer look.

After leaving the Devils Postpile hike we caught the bus again to the start of the hike to Rainbow Falls.  The hike was 1.5 miles long on flat ground through some forests.  Eventually we arrived at the Rainbow falls.  We had a well earned snack and enjoyed the view.  The hike back was harder because it was more uphill.

We caught the bus back to our car and drove to the condo for lunch.  After lunch we got our swimsuits on and headed out to Horseshoe lake.  The lake was quite low so it took us a few minutes to walk to the edge.  We found that the water was cold so only dipped our toes in and stuck to skipping stones.  Then it was back to the lodge pool for another dip.

After a long tiring day we decided to head out for dinner.  We both ordered lemonades!!

Day 4 - Mono Lake and Drive Home

On our morning before driving home we went to visit Mono Lake.  The lake was created thousands of years ago but in the last hundred years it became very salty.  This is because water flow into the lake was diverted and less fresh water was filling it up.

The salty water has created a new environment for wildlife including brine shrimp that birds feed on.  There are also thousands of flies that are attracted to the water.

At some places on the lake are Tufa Towers that rise out of the ground.  These are created by freshwater springs that bubble up and contain a lot of calcium which forms the tower.  It makes the landscape look like a different planet.

Finally it was time to drive home.  We decided to stop for lunch halfway at a BBQ restaurant called the Copper Top BBQ.  They were smoking ribs on the large smoker grills with copper tops.  We ordered ribs, potato salad and another lemonade.

We had a wonderful trip to Mammoth Lakes and Mountains. Me, Dad, and Gemma had so much fun going to see as many things and do as many things as we could. This post is dedicated to my Dad, who made this trip wonderful and very, very fun for me and Gemma. Thank you, Dad! Thank you for reading about our great adventure in the Summer of 2021. Bye for now!

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