Friday, September 24, 2021

Gemma turns Eleven!!

Another year gone by! Little Gem hasn't really changed that much as you can see from her expressions. It's always easier to wake up for school when it's your birthday. There were cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast. 

It was also picture day for Gemma at school so free dress! That's exciting when you wear uniforms every day. 
Chatting on the phone to Granny & Grampy before school.
It's also exciting to see the house decorated just for you!
After school Liv came over for some play time and fun. Finally we let her open gifts and they had plenty to keep themselves busy with. 
LOTS of books! That was what she put on her wishlist and she was excited to get started to read them all.

The other big wish this year was fidget toys which is a huge fad right now. 
In the evening the birthday girl got to choose dinner so we had spaghetti bolognese followed by cake of course! This years choice was brownie layers with vanilla chip ice cream in-between. 

We did more celebrating the next day on Saturday with cousins and Goppy. She wanted a swim party with cousins and pizza from Toppers.
Her cake was plenty big enough to serve everyone for round two!
More gifts, some cash and gift card to Barnes&Nobles for more books!

On Sunday she got to have a "friends" party with Lily, Liv, and Ravelle. Gemma's love language is powder dip manicures. We met at the salon for morning pampering.

They all chose really fun bright colors.

Of course pampering requires refreshments so we walked to Starbucks after. 

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