Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Dad "Bond" Birthday

It worked out for a perfect birthday surprise that the Peterson Automotive Museum in LA was having a special James Bond exhibit and a F1 car exhibit right in time for Alex's birthday. After soccer wrapped up on the Saturday before his birthday we showered and headed out for his surprise. 

Right away in the lobby we were greeted with the car (re-creation from the cartoon) from the movie Onward. They also had a lightening McQueen car.
The museum is four levels and filled with all different types of cars, old and new, all very expensive. We found the F1 exhibit.
They also had a driving experience. Alex was pretty good, the girls crashed a lot. Good thing we have time before they get behind the wheel. 
There is a kids area where you build a lego race car and get to sit on a motorcycle. 
Gemma liked picking out her favorite cars, these were some of the first electric cars. 
The James Bond exhibit did not disappoint. They had movie memorabilia and played clips from some of the movies featuring the cars on display. 
You were allowed to sit on the snowmobile and pretend.  We wrapped up the fun back home that night by watching a James Bond movie. We voted and ended up with a Daniel Craig one, Skyfall. It was a big hit. We have since watched a new one each weekend but need to delve into the older ones. 
After dinner we had cake of course, chocolate cake with chocolate orange frosting, like the Christmas chocolate oranges. 

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