Friday, December 31, 2021


 Me and Gemma were very excited for Christmas to come. We couldn't wait! We were a bit nervous to do Acolyting for the Christmas eve church service, but it was very fun.
Here we are before the service, in front of a very large Christmas tree!
This is us lighting the Advent candles, one for each Sunday of December.
After church, as our tradition, me and Gemma exchanged our Christmas gifts for each other. 
We also opened gifts from Aunty Rach and Uncle E.
Later on, it was dinner time. We had a lovely dinner made by Dad and Granny, and it was very delicious.
Here, Dad is lighting the Christmas Pudding. It is always so cool how the whole cake lights up blue.
Now, dinner is over and the cookies are set out for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer. Behind the plate, there is me & Gemma's letters to Santa.
And now it's time for bed. We got out the trundle and Gemma & me snuggled into bed while Dad reads us The Night Before Christmas.

Winsty gets to be the first one to see the tree with all the gifts. Plus he gets to say hello to Santa.
Up bright and early. But not TOO early. There was a 7am snooze mode. No waking parents until then.

We opened stockings while we waited for Granny and Grampy to come over. They stayed the night at Goppy's house in Simi so they were close by.

Once the whole gang was here we could get really into opening. 
Gemma was super excited to get Nike Air Force shoes from Granny and Grampy. She got matching ones with Liv.

It was finally time to open to big gifts. Gemma got a Dell laptop. She has been using a refurbished super old one. 
She was not too sure at first since she really asked for an Ipad Pro but quickly realized this was an awesome gift. She got a screen pen to go with it so it can be used like a tablet as well. 

Lily was thrilled that she finally got a phone. A real one, not an itouch you can only use in the house.
Then they both promptly ignored us for the day.

I got a super fun pelican planter for my yard.
After all the Christmas festivities ended we still had fun on Winter Break. We had some sleepovers with Liv. Built their own fort in the living room. 
We had New Years eve at home with a fun cheesy fondue and ringing in the New Year on NY time!

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