Thursday, December 23, 2021

Goppy's New Home

It was quite the hectic end to the year for Goppy.  She awoke in the middle of the night at home the week leading up to Thanksgiving and fell in her bedroom. Unfortunately she did not have a phone in her bedroom and had to crawl for 1.5 hours through the house to get to her phone in the kitchen. She called 911 and they brought her to Simi Hospital. She was diagnosed with a broken hip and had surgery two nights later, on Thanksgiving Eve.

After surgery she was transferred to Los Robles Rehab Hospital for further physical therapy. It became clear she could not live on her own in her home alone so Joel flew down from Oregon and he and I toured assisted living facilities. 

After 14 days at Los Robles it was time to discharge to her new home, Belmont Village, in Thousand Oaks. Only the night before discharge her covid test came back positive and she was unable to move in. She ended up spending another 14 days in quarantine at the hospital. 

While she was in the hospital Eric and Dan moved her furniture into her new home. Yes, they moved her furniture in the rain in an open trailer and truck.

We spent many, many hours sorting her belongings and helping her decide which of the 47 purses she owns she wanted to keep. 
During her two week quarantine we got her room all set up and decorated it for the holidays.
She has a small living room and kitchenette and her bedroom. I think she may have pushed for the one bedroom instead of the studio for the closet space. This lady has a LOT OF CLOTHES and shoes.
Finally on Dec 23rd we were allowed to bust her out of rehab and take her to Belmont. 
Happily planted in her recliner chair.
So far so good, it takes a lot of getting used to. 

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