Saturday, December 11, 2021

MATES marching band parade

 After missing the Camarillo Christmas parade for the last 2 years due to Fires and Covid we were so excited that it was ok to return this year. Gemma plays the flute at her school band. This is her second year. Most of last year they played at home on zoom due to covid. This year they have been practicing together at school outside.

Today I had a parade for Band! This is me and the other 2 flute players. Lucia and Ainsley.
We all have been playing for 2 years!
Lily got to help hold the sign with some other girls who used to go to Mates. 

Some of the other band schools came over and talked to us. This was the Camarillo high school.
We had to wait over a hour before we could start. We had to practice multiple times before the start.
We all had to wear Santa hats for the parade. We were so exited to start!
We watched the whole route for friends and family. Our principal Mrs Olshever was there. Near the end we found our favorite audience members- Granny, Grampy, and Dad!!

Finally we finished!!! We were so happy to be done. We were also so tired we had to walk over 1 mile play instruments.

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