Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Poison Ivy

 After missing a whole year of soccer Gemma was eager to get back in the game. She decided to try out for EXTRA soccer with AYSO this year. The EXTRA level is a higher level of skill and intensity than the basic core level and you have to try out and be selected for the team. It is not as competitive as full club soccer.

She was so excited to find out she made the team and they were able to practice over summer in some clinic style practices with other teams. Then in late summer her team started their twice weekly practices. 
Lucky Mom got volunteered to be the team manager so I help with coordinating the games, uniforms, making sure everyone knows where they are supposed to be and with the right jersey. They have different jerseys for home and away games as well as practice jerseys. 
She has two coaches Ashley and Laura who both have girls on the team. They really are a great group of girls. Gemma has made so many new friends on her team and while none of them go to her school she will be in middle school with many of them next year. 

Picture day at the fields and posing for our own goofy pictures. 

They had a fun Halloween practice where they dressed in costume and played games for treats.
They have improved so much over the season and are really growing as a team. They have even managed to make it to playoffs against a really tough team in the league. 

They closed out the end of the regular season with a holiday party. Lucky for us California is still pretty mild in Winter and we missed the rain enough to have an outdoor pizza party. The girls did a secret Santa gift exchange and the coaches had come up with some fun games to play. They all had a blast!

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