Saturday, July 9, 2022

Mom Camp

We have tried to start the annual tradition of having a long weekend in the summer with Kristen, Charlotte and Elias. We call it "Mom Camp" because we leave the Dad's at home and just let the kid chill so we can hang. 
This summer we came to Carp and stayed in the condo. The weather was perfect and the waves were great. We spent most days at the beach on the boogie boards.

There is usually some sort of bury someone in the sand adventure. Gemma is the most willing volunteer.

We had spent the day at the beach with Liv and Kerri before coming to Carp and managed to all get sun burned so there was a lot of shade time in Carp to keep our sunburn safe.
We dragged everyone to Santa Barbara one morning when we had sort of had our fill of beach time. We walked/ rode scooters along the beach by the zoo.

A "must-do" experience is walk the shops in town. Mainly the candy shop.
Then, because the pool is so different from the beach we swam, played marco polo, and the toothpick game all afternoon. The supervisor committee had some cool crisp white wine in the shade to make sure the games were played by the rules.

When you spend that many days in the sun you really need to take care of your skin. Besides going through half a bottle of aloe lotion we also did some facial masks. 
It is always the best time with our friends. Let the tradition continue until we are all old enough to be sitting by the pool having adult drinks!

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Lily's 14th Birthday

 The beauty of a summer birthday is waking up when you like and having a relaxing morning. Although, when your so excited it's your birthday you wake up early anyway.

Lily chose cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast, with a side of GIFTS! 
Gemma had soccer camp this week at CLU so she enjoyed the fun before leaving for camp. 

Lily got some great gifts from family and friends.
Lot's of crop tops these days.
While Gemma was at camp Lily and I went to visit Goppy so she could see Lily on her birthday. She was so pleased. Then after camp and lunch we met up with a few of Lily's friends at the mall for a shopping party. She had so much fun last year doing this that we decided to do it again. This year all her Bethany School friends could come. Harper, Lily, Brooke and Ellie. Sophia came too, and of course Gemma and Liv.

Gem and Liv found matching dresses in different colors for a deal! 
Two best friend sisters!
More, gifts from the party friends. That evening we had spaghetti  bolognese, one of Lily's favorite meals. Followed by Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese frosting.
We almost lost the whole cake to a "frosting melting in the heat" disaster. Luckily the fridge was able to keep it cool and in place.
Fourteen years and headed to High School!

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Father's Day

 Father's Day snuck up on us after such a busy end to the school year. The morning started with the most important life lesson you can learn. How to make your Father a barista mocha. I think it might take several tutorials to get it right. 

There was a gift basket of favorite treats.

Then we headed to the beach for the day. I think a lot of others had the same idea but it was a lovely day.
I'm not sure who enjoyed the day more, Father or daughters.
Shave ice from the local vendor helped.

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Charlie's High School Graduation

The final episode in the weekend of graduations. After Gemma's school got out we grabbed some celebratory lunch and headed to Burbank Airport for our flight to Portland.

I'm not going to lie, we were already wiped out at this point. We boarded the 6:15PM flight and as we prepared for taxi they returned us to the gate with a mechanical problem. Stuck on the tarmac for over an hour while they sorted it out. We were exhausted and starved by the time we finally took off.

It was worth it to get to Portland to see our cousins! We made Charlie a money cake with $100 in ones. 
I'm thinking she will really need to think about unwrapping all those to spend them. Or maybe just do it in one boring afternoon. 
Saturday evening was her ceremony at the bog arena downtown just like Owen's. We were so glad she could celebrate in person.
Cousins! They had the best time with their big cousins all weekend. We don't get to see them enough and Lily and Gemma had the best time hanging out with Owen while Charlie was celebrating with friends. 

As always Joel and Tonya put on a great spread.

We managed to find Charlie before and after the ceremony in the huge crowd.
It was not easy to find her in the sea of tiny faces at the stadium. They file in by alphabetic order of last names.
We spotted her. I hope she heard us cheering and shouting for her.
After the ceremony it is fun to watch all the graduates get leis from their families. This family was Hawaiian and they definitely knew how to do it right. She couldn't even move!
Once the events were over and Charlie was headed to grad night we headed back to our hotel, with a pit stop at Salt and Straw ice cream. So great!
On Sunday we had a few hours before our flight to hang with the family. Charlie had a little open house style party for her friends. She is going to University of Oregon so her cake is the school colors. Go Ducks!
Then off we go, back to the airport, with another delayed flight!!!  Too bad we have to get home for work and summer camps to start!

Friday, June 10, 2022

Gemma's 5th grade Graduation

 As much as we are excited for middle school and all the exciting new opportunities and friends to make it is bitter-sweet leaving MATES. It has been a wonderful school and the teachers and staff are really one of a kind. For many of us parents this is our last child at MATES so thinking about not being on campus here is hard to imagine.

The graduation ceremony was in the morning on the last day of school. There are too many people that want to attend so they have it on the blacktop.
They open by singing a few songs. Then it's time for the speeches. We're not going to lie, it was HOT outside in the bright full sun and we were thinking maybe a few less speeches might be ok. 
Mrs. Tuchman is the best and Gemma absolutely loved having her as a teacher this year.
She somehow manages to give personalized attention to each one of her students. 

After each of the three teachers plus the personalized learning teacher...Plus the principal all gave speeches it was time for a closing song. 
Then off she goes ready to tackle middle school. 
She has made some great friends that hopefully she will meet again in middle school or high school.

Mrs. Levitt is the absolute favorite of all the kids, the PE teacher of course.
Gemma, Noah Alexander, and Liv. Gemma and Liv will be together at LosCerritos next year, besties together since Kindergarten!
Last chance for a hug and receive your final report card and certificate.
The family is nearly melted by this point at 9am.

Gemma couldn't get enough of school so she decided to stay after graduation with her teacher and friends until the 12:15 pick up time.