Monday, January 24, 2022

Gemma's Broken Arm

 We started off the New Year with a bang. Or maybe a crack. It was sort of a tumble / jumble.

Gemma and Liv have been doing cheer stunts at recess with some friends putting together a routine for the talent show. This routine has been side lined many times by various members of the cheer squad getting sick with Covid. Mind you NONE of them have any cheer stunt training, they just watch it on TV.

One cheer stunt practice at our house with Liv and Lily as the base and Gemma in her usual spot as flyer ended up with her on the floor. She landed on her right arm/shoulder and immediately was in pain. The next morning after visits to pediatrician, radiology for Xray and then the orthopedist she officially has a broken proximal humerus on her right arm. 
Sadly for her there is no way to splint or cast this fracture. You wear a sling and keep checking xrays to make sure it is healing. No moving the arm for 5 weeks. Then gentle exercises to start. 
We made do with getting a sling with markers she can have her friends sign.  Sadly she has to miss soccer for a while and sit out a couple tournaments. 

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