Sunday, February 6, 2022

Cookie Time

 Nothing says happy new year resolutions more than selling girl scout cookies to everyone on a diet. 

We did a lot of booths and "lemonade"stands this year. The booths are in front of grocery stores and lemonade stands we did at a local park corner that gets lots of traffic. 
The girls are pretty independent with sales. They can do all the orders and handle all the money. They just need gentle reminders to keep on track and not goof off and socialize the whole time. 

On our final day selling we had gone a little crazy. Our troop leader had ordered an additional massive load of cookies the week before sales ends. 
It was pretty stressful to try to get them all sold in one week. By the last day we had only random flavors left and it took some convincing sales pitches to get people to buy. 
A lovely woman bought out our last 7 boxes of caramel delights! We all shouted and cheered for her to thank her for buying us out. Now we hopefully have enough funds for some fun camping trips and outings. 

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