Saturday, February 12, 2022

Farewell to LaMesa

After Goppy broke her hip and moved to Belmont Village we got her house ready to place on the market and sell. Luckily it is a really great time to sell a house. Our friends Kerri & Brian listed the house and within three days of showings we had eight offers. The house ended up selling for well over listing price at $930K. 
Then it was time to empty the house of all the belongings. Talk about TORTURE. 
Alex and I wanted the family heirloom, garage fridge. Yes we kept all the photos and magnets too. 
Eric was tasked with selling the furniture and belongings. Then at the end of two garage sales we still had a pile of stuff and plenty of trash. 
I think we did 6 truck loads to goodwill. The kids really pitched in. They swam in the freezing pool and somewhat warm hot tub one last time while we did all the work. Goppy got to facetime from her new home and see the progress. 


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