Sunday, February 20, 2022

Poison Ivy Arizona Tournament

We started our long journey of about 4 hours at 10 am we were driving to Arizona. Sadly I broke my arm and could not play but my mom still kindly drove me so I could support my team.

When we got to the hotel we were shocked by the bad smell and the cold boring pool. We had seen pictures of the pool online and it was nothing like this. The hotel was full of smokers and the smell was even up by the rooms.

We ended our first night by watching a Marvel movie and having dinner in bed.

On the next day we were looking for something to do before the game started. We drove around Bullhead City and Laughlin and took pictures with some sights.
Finally it was time to head to the fields for our first game.

Once we got to the field's my team started to warm up and get ready for the game.

Then once the game was over we sadly lost but had lots of fun chatting and waiting for the next game.
During the game it started to get cold and turned dark but by the end our team still lost again.
After the second game we went to a nearby Italian restaurant for pizza, pasta and more.
Then we all headed to a pizza place and got sugar rushes, our coach bought us all Shirley Temple's.
We didn't get to sleep in at the hotel since we had to be up early for our morning game. 
We decided to stop at Dutch Bro's and I got one of the best smoothies ever.
Then at the next early game Abby sadly broke her leg and we were all very sad for her when she had to leave early.
Then after the second to last game we all headed to have some fun a a restaurant and chill. Our coach planned some really fun games for us to play after lunch. She is the BEST!

Our last game was trying to get the marshmallows out of the cereal it was very hard but very fun.
The team had one more game that night but we headed home since it was a long drive and too late to drive home after that game. I had a great time but was bummed I could not play.

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