Friday, March 25, 2022

Disneyland & California Adventure

Sometimes you get really lucky in life and your best friend chooses to take you on her birthday trip to Disneyland and California Adventure. Even though it was a 10th birthday gift we had to postpone due to covid and go after Liv's 11th birthday.
We even ditched two days of school to go on a Thursday and Friday! We started out bright and early with a pick up including Starbucks and sitting way back in the Tesla!
We arrived at the parking structure and they have cute Disney Mickey ears before you ride the tram.
Right off we saw Goofy and Mickey and Minnie on Main street.
The Magic Castle just makes you happy the moment you see it. I got to crash the birthday party fun too so Kerri and I could hang out together. 
We went to ride Matterhorn right away. It was already getting crowded even though we made it about an hour after they opened.
Liv had never been on Star Tour in her whole life!!?? WHAT? 
I think all-around we agreed that the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the best ride in the park.
We braved splash mountain even though we were not really fond of the idea of getting soaked.
As you can see I was sacrificed and forced to go on front. Lucky for me I ended up pretty dry.
Dumbo is just the best no matter how many times you go.

Don't forget the tea cups which will make you so nauseous.
We had lunch at the "Be Our Guest" cafe and the girls are both going to be Cogsworth in their upcoming school musical of Beauty and the Beast so they had to pose with their character.
They got to pick out Mickey ears at that mad hatter shop as a souvenir. Gemma went for sprinkle donut ears and Liv went for rose gold princess. 
It's a small world...also a break in air conditioning and a chance to SIT.
We also ate our way through the park snack stands. It was a lot of walking so we needed the nourishment. Cotton candy was a fave for Liv.
I love the photos they take on the roller coasters. Gem and Liv are thrilled on Space Mountain and Kerri and I are bracing for death. 
We made our way over to the new Star Wars land. It is really cool and authentic. I took the girls on the Millennium Falcon ride. It was pretty cool. 
The girls decided they wanted to go on Splash Mountain for a second time. It had gotten dark and cooler by now and Kerri and I were not thrilled with the idea of walking around wet. The girls rode it alone and they managed to stay dry again!!
We called it a night and headed back to the car to go to the hotel for the night. One of the park employees gave us his amazing snickers macaroon dessert after I asked him what it was!!!
Day TWO!!!
We didn't get much sleep at the hotel and we were back for our second day at California Adventure Park!
After walking around 8 miles on day one we were a little beat. Nothing is going to stop us though.
The cars ride is super fun.
We got to check out the newer Marvel land and the girls were desperate to ride the rebranded Tower of Terror. Now the Guardians of the Galaxy. 
Kerri and I went on with the girls to try and be good sports. I had ridden it back when it was tower of terror and it really is a terror. 
It was definitely DEATH DEFYING!!! The girls rode it again later in the day but the moms had learned our lessons!
Mater's Junkyard Jamboree is a hoot and we laughed hysterically as we got squished into each other. 
Again we were on a snack parade. This was a mickey pretzel. 
There are also lots of cool theme drinks. This was a fancy boba drink Gem had seen on her youtube shows.You squeeze a  pipette of flavoring into a lemonade boba. It was really good.

Seeing the Marvel characters was pretty fun too.

We got to try out the spider man ride which is pretty good. So many of the rides are now virtual reality. The web slinger you have to use your arms to shoot "webs" to catch the robotic spiders.
The girls decided they wanted to head back to Disneyland to finish our day since it seemed less crowded than CA adventure.
We got pictured in front in our matching outfits.
We made it through a couple more rides and then we could barely walk. We had a sleepy drive home after two amazing fun filled days!!

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