Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter Sunday

Easter morning always starts with an early rise Easter Baskets. Yes we must see what the bunny has brought.
This time it was bath products, new swimsuits, and treats of course.
Lily is the only peep fan in the house. 
We celebrated Easter with our Cuzzies at Goppy's fancy new digs.
We brought in lunch and sat outside her patio. It was perfect weather and so nice to relax together.
You have to eat first to have energy to hunt for easter eggs.
That is the main agenda. Luckily the resident dogs weren't out fighting us for chocolate filled eggs.
It was quite the haul.

Most of the eggs had candy but a few had some cold hard cash!
You deserve to have a cupcake after all the hard work.

There are also chocolate treats if that's more your speed.
And because we never remember to take family pics we had to manage after we got home.

Turns out nobody likes to pose.

One long arm reach for a family selfie!


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