Friday, April 1, 2022

Lily School Events

Lily's school kept them very busy with projects and activities. As covid restrictions eased they allowed more group activities and flexibility.

They did a wax museum project where they wrote a report about a famous person in history and then had to dress as that person and perform a little speech. Lily chose Marie Curie. We all learned some interesting facts about her along the way.
Everyone got really into the project. We even had Princess Diana and Eddie VanHalen.

Throughout the day the students from different grades came by to listen and learn.
They also got to go on a one night camp tents!! Lily was so so excited.
Both 7th and 8th grade attended and the camp was just a short 20 minutes from our house. 
They did open fire cooking for their dinner.

She really has loved her school and made so many great friends.

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