Sunday, May 29, 2022

DC Trip Day 2

 We woke up bright eyed and ready to see the sights. I had booked us tickets to see the National Archives which is home to all the most important documents like the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Due to covid restrictions many of the museums and monuments were allowed by timed or ticket entrance. Luckily we were able to get tickets in advance. This was high on Lily's to-do list. It did not disappoint.

You cannot take photos anywhere inside. Due to light damage many of the documents are fading almost to the point you cannot read them anymore. It was really a great experience to see though. 
It was going to be so hot in the city for the next few days we needed to get Lily a hat to stay shaded. Most people were choosing to buy hats from street vendors that say Trump 2024 (yuck). We went for a cherry blossom hat from the museum gift shop. 
Across from the library of congress is a sculpture garden. We had some time to wander and take it in. They are very creative and fanciful.

Next up was Lily's other bucket list item in DC. The Ford's Theater where Lincoln was shot. Her class had spent a good deal of time reading a novel called Lincoln's killer. She was really excited to see where it actually took place.
They have a museum in the basement and then you work your way up to the actual theater.
Reading every bit of the brochure. The theater is actually still in use today. 

Across the street from the Theater is the Peterson house. This is where they rushed Abraham Lincoln after the shooting and where he died. You can still see the pillow where there are blood stains.

After a lot of walking we needed to rest our feet so we hopped on the top deck of the bus to see the sights from the road. Unfortunately there were a ton of road closures for the upcoming Memorial Day parade and events so the bus was limited and not able to go near the Mall or Monuments.
We hopped off and decided to tackle it by foot.
There was a memorial wall to honor American lives lost in all the wars and battles. They were filled with red poppies.
Next up was the Vietman wall. We saw many veterans coming to see the memorials. 

We made our way to the Lincoln Memorial and climbed the steps to go inside. It was PACKED being a holiday weekend and the start of summer breaks for many. 

We definitely needed a break. Our feet were sore. We even ended up needing to get Lily new shoes with extra cushion inside. 

The World War Two memorial and fountain.
To pooped from all that walking but we had dinner reservations before we called it a night. 

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