Monday, May 30, 2022

DC Trip Day 3

Our next morning we had a game plan and were ready for another day of walking. We started most mornings with a Starbucks run. 

I had secured tickets to the newest Smithsonian museum, The African American Museum of History. It was phenomenal. I will really need to go back again to have more time to take it all in. 
Beautiful artwork honoring Harriet Tubman made out of quilts. A painting of Breonna Taylor whose senseless death has still gone unpunished.
The whole bottom floor is a timeline of African American history as they arrived in America on slave ships and fought long and hard through extreme injustices.

At the end of the bottom floor you arrive at the reflection fountain that flows from up above on ground level. 
After the African American Museum we made our way up toward the Capitol building for a tour. We had just enough time to pop into the Library of Congress. Lily had been very excited to go since it holds the largest collection of books in the WORLD. Because it was Memorial Day they were allowing visitors in to the reading room which is usually by appointment only. 
The Architecture is stunning. You could appreciate the building for that alone. 

Lily ventured into the reading room and was very impressed.

The building is so amazing. 
The Capitol is right across the street. This is from the back side. We were due to have a tour through our local representatives office. Sadly there was a mix up due to the holiday and they did not show up. 
We made our way over to the Supreme Court instead. You cannot enter and it is blocked off by huge fences now due to the Supreme Court leak and ruling on repealing Roe vs Wade. We are highly disappointed.

We managed a few shots through the fence and hope that we will return in the future and be able to tour inside and have our nations politics turned in a better direction. 

By now we were melting. We found a vendor and got a cool treat which melted faster than we could eat it. 
We still had just enough time in the day to stop in and see Lily's top choice for Smithsonian museums. The Natural History Museum. We were greeted by the famous statue from Easter Island, which Lily promptly informed me had been stolen and should really be returned.
They also have an amazing Gem collection which was high on her list. 

Lily was in HEAVEN with all the taxidermy animals. 
After about an hour it was closing but that was ok, We planned to return again another day. We had dinner reservations at Jose Andras restaurant Zaytinya. It is Mediterranean food and easily the best meal we had on our trip. 
It also just so happened to be across the street from the National Portrait Gallery Smithsonian museum. They stay open later than the Natural History so we had time to look through for about 40 minutes. 
They have all the official Presidential Portraits Sadly the Obama portraits were out on tour but we saw some really famous ones. 
Lily has a thing for old Honest Abe.
I was a million times thrilled to find my ladies there. The women of the Supreme Court, missing the newest Katanji Brown Jackson, and also missing the other lady who is so evil we will not utter her name. 
It was a really long hot day so we headed back to the hotel to rest while Lily watched the movie National Treasure in bed.

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