Sunday, May 22, 2022

Lily Confirmation

Lily's Confirmation is something she has been working hard at for almost two years. She has attended classes on Thursday evenings at Ascension Lutheran Church. She made some nice friends and the adult leaders were wonderful. To start the weekend off right we had guests, Joel and Charlie flew down for the weekend. All the ladies went to the nail salon to get pedicures on Saturday AM.


Lily was maybe most excited about her confirmation to get a fancy cake. Goppy had long ago promised her she could have a really fancy cake if she got confirmed. Lily decided on a "Wings of Fire" theme cake with a dragon scale cross on top to tie in the Lord.

It sure was FANCY! 
She got all ready on confirmation morning with her dress she picked out and a lovely gold cross gifted to her from Granny and Grampy.

The entire church service was led by the confirmation students.They practiced and worked so hard.

Some of Lily's Bethany friends joined us for the service, Brooke and Ellie.
Several of her teachers attended too. Mr. Cahill, Mrs. Hurley and Mrs Shannon.
Her best girl friends from MATES came too, Sophia, Sabina and Scarlett.
It was Goppy's first real outing from her Assisted Living home. She was nervous but did great.
The cousins represented!

Her god father, Uncle Eric.

After the service we all headed to Little Calf Creamery for lunch. It was a lovely day and everyone had a great time.

Lily got so many thoughtful gifts. 

The cake was delicious, one layer was lemon with chiffon filling and one was chocolate vanilla marble with raspberry jam filling. I think Lily had a wonderful day she will always remember.

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