Saturday, May 28, 2022

Washington DC Trip - Arrival

Lily's  school planned an East Coast trip to Washington DC for the end of 8th grade. Instead of going on the 5 day trip for twice the cost we decided to go for 7 days for half the cost on our own! We left LA for DC on Saturday bright and early in the morning.

We landed at Ronald Reagan airport and easily made our way to the metro line to get into the city.
After finding out hotel and getting checked in we were famished. We found the closest restaurant with an outdoor cafe and refueled.
Just a few steps away from our hotel was the WHITE HOUSE!! It looks so small in real life. This is the view from the back side where you actually can see the white house better because you can get closer.

Feels like we should have just been allowed to come inside for a quick hello.

Marine one was taking off and landing right on the front lawn. Who knows if they were doing drills or anyone was inside.
It seemed that almost from any vantage point in the city you could see the Washington Monument.
We had booked a night bus tour around DC to get a lay of the land and see all the monuments at night all lit up. 
It really is so beautiful at dusk with the lights shining.
A favorite is always the Lincoln monument.
The reflection in the pools is timeless and iconic.

It was a long day and even with the time change we were pooped. Back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

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