Friday, June 10, 2022

Gemma's 5th grade Graduation

 As much as we are excited for middle school and all the exciting new opportunities and friends to make it is bitter-sweet leaving MATES. It has been a wonderful school and the teachers and staff are really one of a kind. For many of us parents this is our last child at MATES so thinking about not being on campus here is hard to imagine.

The graduation ceremony was in the morning on the last day of school. There are too many people that want to attend so they have it on the blacktop.
They open by singing a few songs. Then it's time for the speeches. We're not going to lie, it was HOT outside in the bright full sun and we were thinking maybe a few less speeches might be ok. 
Mrs. Tuchman is the best and Gemma absolutely loved having her as a teacher this year.
She somehow manages to give personalized attention to each one of her students. 

After each of the three teachers plus the personalized learning teacher...Plus the principal all gave speeches it was time for a closing song. 
Then off she goes ready to tackle middle school. 
She has made some great friends that hopefully she will meet again in middle school or high school.

Mrs. Levitt is the absolute favorite of all the kids, the PE teacher of course.
Gemma, Noah Alexander, and Liv. Gemma and Liv will be together at LosCerritos next year, besties together since Kindergarten!
Last chance for a hug and receive your final report card and certificate.
The family is nearly melted by this point at 9am.

Gemma couldn't get enough of school so she decided to stay after graduation with her teacher and friends until the 12:15 pick up time. 

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