Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Lily's 14th Birthday

 The beauty of a summer birthday is waking up when you like and having a relaxing morning. Although, when your so excited it's your birthday you wake up early anyway.

Lily chose cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast, with a side of GIFTS! 
Gemma had soccer camp this week at CLU so she enjoyed the fun before leaving for camp. 

Lily got some great gifts from family and friends.
Lot's of crop tops these days.
While Gemma was at camp Lily and I went to visit Goppy so she could see Lily on her birthday. She was so pleased. Then after camp and lunch we met up with a few of Lily's friends at the mall for a shopping party. She had so much fun last year doing this that we decided to do it again. This year all her Bethany School friends could come. Harper, Lily, Brooke and Ellie. Sophia came too, and of course Gemma and Liv.

Gem and Liv found matching dresses in different colors for a deal! 
Two best friend sisters!
More, gifts from the party friends. That evening we had spaghetti  bolognese, one of Lily's favorite meals. Followed by Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese frosting.
We almost lost the whole cake to a "frosting melting in the heat" disaster. Luckily the fridge was able to keep it cool and in place.
Fourteen years and headed to High School!

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