Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Lily's 8th grade Graduation

Lily  might say that the only good thing to come out of the covid pandemic was switching schools to Bethany Christian. She made some good friends and had teachers that gave her special attention and really cared about her.

They really go all out at graduation here! Full cap and gowns.

Each student wrote a personal essay and read them at graduation. There are only 8 students, four boys and four girls, so they all had a turn. The essays were all very reflective of who they are as individuals.
They also performed several songs on the bells.
Mrs. Hurley and Mr. Cahill also wrote a little statement about each student with a personalized bible verse. They know these students well and it was very touching. 

The Bethany Middle School Class of 2022!!
Lily made such great friends, Elllie, Brooke, Lily and Harper.
Don't forget the boys, Robbie, Angel, Colton M and Colton B.
Mrs Shannon is the middle school director and Language arts teacher. She is such a treasure.
They know how to show their wild side too.

Bart the Bulldog cupcakes.
It's only official when you toss your hat!

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