Wednesday, June 1, 2022

New York City Day 1

Wednesday morning we arose and prepared to say Goodbye to DC. We could have easily filled a few more days but NY was calling us. We took the Metro to Union station to take a train to NYC Penn station. 

We finally found ourselves a Pret-a-Mange. Lily was so thrilled. She had a pesto mozzarella baguette.
The train was a great experience. It was easy to navigate and a lovely three hour scenic trip to NYC. We passed through Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York!
Lily was thrilled to pass the time writing Thank You notes for her Confirmation gifts. 
Then you have to take photos of people taking photos. 
Then we ARRIVED! Penn station is HUGE and we just sort of snaked our way through until we could exit and find the street.  I booked a Double Tree hotel just a few blocks from the station so we were not dragging luggage on the subway. We dropped our bags and promptly headed to the New York Public Library. 
Lily was very excited to see the library after having read a fictional novel set here in the Cartography room. Whomp, whomp sadly the cartography room was closed!
We managed to snag a pass to get a tour of the reading room. The room is stunning. 
The rest of the library is really more of a museum and most  of the books are not stacked but stored in huge levels of stacks underground the library. 

There is also a "museum" room where they showcase artifacts that the library owns. They have the portrait of Benjamin Franklin that was used as his portrait on the hundred dollar bill. 
They have a Gutenberg Bible so we got to see two in one week!
They also have the actual Winnie the Pooh and friends stuffed animals from AA Milne that inspired the beloved books. Our tour guide told us a fascinating story that actually he wrote to stories based on his son Christopher Robin's stuffed animal collection. 

We needed a well deserved slice of New York Pizza after our library excursion.
We went for a long wander in the neighborhood and found our way to the Carlo's Bakery the famous Cake Boss from TV. We took a few treats back to the room for a treat. 

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