Friday, June 3, 2022

NYC Day 3

Our big agenda for day three was Central Park!  We took the subway up to the Upper West side for a breakfast at a highly acclaimed bakery for coffee and pastries. Once we were fueled up we could make our way to the park. We entered from the middle west side and first off went to Belvedere Castle. 


It is so picturesque and we spent a good amount of time looking around. We met a lovely park volunteer that gave us great tips and ideas for the day.

After a long wander throughout the park we sat at the Alice in Wonderland statue and dug into our bag of goodies from the bakery for a famous New York Black and White cookie. It was nearly the size of Lily's face and she managed to polish the whole thing off without more than a bite or two from me!

You may remember the Central Park Mounted Police from The "Elf" Movie when they chase Santa's sleigh through the park. This is also the scene on the pond from "Stuart Little" where he rides on the remote control boat. 
Next up was the lake and Bethesda Terrace and fountain. 

We didn't rent a boat or have a meal at the lovely boat house but we did see a couple get engaged!

The most lovely scene was the mall and literary walk. There have been numerous movies filmed here. We took some time to sit on on a bench along the row and watch all the passersby. 

Women's Rights Pioneers Statue. 
We searched for the place they filmed Home Alone with the pigeons. I think this must have been it. 
Our next requirement was a classic NY experience. Our volunteer friend from the park told us to find a Nathans Hotdog and get it with mustard and sauerkraut. We did as told and it was great. Then we sampled a Levain Bakery cookie.
After the park we carried on down Fifth Avenue to do some shopping, or window shopping.
The lego store was fantastic as they had tons of displays of lego recreations of NewYork's famous sights.

We landed ourselves at Rockefeller Center. No ice skating in this heat! We made our way back to the hotel for a rest before our big entertainment for the evening.
We had tickets to a Broadway show, Wicked.
We both thought the show was fantastic!

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