Saturday, June 4, 2022

NYC Last Day

 Our final morning we tried to have a little sleep in since we had a late night. I ordered bagels again and brought them back to the room. Lily got to have breakfast in bed!

She went for a rainbow bagel, which is really just a beautiful version of the plain bagel.
We left our bags at the hotel while we explored the city for the morning. 
We walked along the highline, along with every other local and tourist.

At the end of the highline we ventured over to Island Park. It is a full park built up floating on the water. 

Across the street was Chelsea Market which was happening on this Saturday morning. 
Having walked for miles we decided to get a little lunch to hold us over until we had to make our way to the airport.  We had a very late flight home.
The slyline was lovely on our take off, next stop LA!

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