Thursday, May 19, 2022

Bronze Award & Gemma Bridging

Wrapping up the end of the school year with Gemma's Junior Troop meant working on their Bronze Award. The troop met with the Principal of our school and she suggested various projects we could take on. In the end the troop decided to refurbish the Buddy Benches that have been at MATES for several years and are looking weathered.
We spent several Saturdays at Karen's house sanding, priming, painting and decorating the benches.

The girls put their own spin on the benches renaming one the Bestie bench. We also painted inspirational quotes on them.

For our final meeting we had a very relaxed bridging ceremony and received the bronze award and some goodies for all the hard work.
These girls have all grown so much since we began together in Kindergarten. 
The troop is going to carry on but Gemma has decided she is done with Girl Scouts for now.

They each crossed the bridge signifying reaching the next level of scouting.
Karen had bags for each with patches and some fun goodies.

It has been a fun crazy several years with the troop but Gemma was ready and I still have Lily's troop to keep me busy.


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