Saturday, July 9, 2022

Mom Camp

We have tried to start the annual tradition of having a long weekend in the summer with Kristen, Charlotte and Elias. We call it "Mom Camp" because we leave the Dad's at home and just let the kid chill so we can hang. 
This summer we came to Carp and stayed in the condo. The weather was perfect and the waves were great. We spent most days at the beach on the boogie boards.

There is usually some sort of bury someone in the sand adventure. Gemma is the most willing volunteer.

We had spent the day at the beach with Liv and Kerri before coming to Carp and managed to all get sun burned so there was a lot of shade time in Carp to keep our sunburn safe.
We dragged everyone to Santa Barbara one morning when we had sort of had our fill of beach time. We walked/ rode scooters along the beach by the zoo.

A "must-do" experience is walk the shops in town. Mainly the candy shop.
Then, because the pool is so different from the beach we swam, played marco polo, and the toothpick game all afternoon. The supervisor committee had some cool crisp white wine in the shade to make sure the games were played by the rules.

When you spend that many days in the sun you really need to take care of your skin. Besides going through half a bottle of aloe lotion we also did some facial masks. 
It is always the best time with our friends. Let the tradition continue until we are all old enough to be sitting by the pool having adult drinks!

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